IDEAL EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY, established in the year 2007, is registered under the Society Act 1860. The Society is committed to promoting education and social awareness programs to benefit the community. Our mission is to provide quality education and create awareness about the latest trends and developments in various educational fields.

Under the umbrella of IDEAL EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY, we operate several institutes offering diverse programs in Engineering, Pharmacy, Nursing, Information Technology, and Management. Our institutions strive to provide high-quality education while maintaining affordable fee structures, making quality education accessible to all.

A.N.G. IDEAL GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS is one of the largest educational groups in Varanasi, offering a wide range of programs in Engineering, Pharmacy, Nursing, Information Technology, and Management. We are committed to providing qualitative education that prepares students for the challenges of the modern world.

At A.N.G. IDEAL GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS, we prioritize academic excellence, practical learning, and holistic development. Our faculty members are experts in their fields, and our state-of-the-art facilities ensure a conducive learning environment for all students. Additionally, our low fee structure makes quality education affordable and accessible to students from diverse backgrounds.

A.N.G. IDEAL GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS offer the entire range of course Engineering, Pharmacy , Nursing, Law, I.T. & Management. All the diploma and Degree courses are approved by UGC, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India , AICTE Clarification & relevant Board /Councils .

Join us at A.N.G. IDEAL GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS and enjoy a journey of academic and personal growth.

Together, let us shape the leaders and innovators of tomorrow!


Ganga Devi Trust is a charitable organization dedicated to promoting education, healthcare, and social welfare initiatives in the community. Founded in 2022 with the aim of serving the underprivileged and marginalized sections of society, the trust works towards providing opportunities for education, healthcare access, and overall development. To serve this purpose Ganga Devi Law College came into existence which is affiliated with Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth, Varanasi and approved by Bar Council of India to offer L.LB.

Key aspects of Ganga Devi Trust include:

1. Education: The trust focuses on providing quality education to children and youth from disadvantaged backgrounds. It may establish schools, educational institutions, or scholarship programs to ensure access to education for all.

2. Healthcare: Ganga Devi Trust may support healthcare initiatives such as medical camps, health awareness programs, and the establishment of healthcare facilities to address the healthcare needs of the community.

3. Social Welfare: The trust may undertake various social welfare projects aimed at improving the living conditions and socio-economic status of marginalized communities. This could include initiatives such as vocational training programs, women empowerment projects, or community development programs.

4. Philanthropy: Ganga Devi Trust may engage in philanthropic activities such as providing relief aid during natural disasters, supporting orphanages or old age homes, and contributing to other charitable causes.

Overall, Ganga Devi Trust plays a vital role in fostering positive change and upliftment in society through its various initiatives and endeavors.

The Vision

A.N.G. IDEAL GROUP has been envisioned as a group of institutions of excellence with key focus on capabilities building though:

  1. Synthesizing in its educational Process.
  2. Provide environment to nurture, motivates and inspires development of managerial and engineering giftedness.

The Mission

A.N.G. IDEAL GROUP is translatingits vision into practiceby Offering comprehensive education programme at 10th , 12th& Graduation Level and witch involves:  

  • Technology appreciation and synergisation for meeting the challenges of the changing scenarios of the need of the corporation.
  • Learning through doing
  • Creating industrial and academic linkage with in the country and launching centers of excellence to applied research focused on innovative teaching.


To encourage the futuristic research and empower students with education and employment opportunities establish worldwide network with industry and to entrust our enterprises as well as charge students with social responsibilities.

Reasons for You to join us

  1. Building careers since 2007
  2. Catering your needs:
    • Excellent Education
    • Impressive Management Education
    • Motivating Scholarship
    • 100% Academic Result Achieved
    • 100% Placement Record
    • Regular Courses
    • Full Fledged Lab Facility
    • Extensive Library Facility
    • Graceful Infrastructure
    • Industrial Visit
    • Seminars and Conference
  3. State-of-the-art campus will give you the right king of environment
  4. In your education pursuit
  5. Unique diploma and degree program shall give a better exposure
  6. Excellent pool of educationist who besides imparting knowledge
  7. Help you also to develop the leader within you
  8. Industry recognition leader to excellent placement working for27/7/365 to place you