The A.N.G. Ideal Group Campus stands as a beacon of excellence, consistently proving to be a premier resource pool for some of the finest companies across diverse sectors. With a track record that speaks volumes, our institution has been instrumental in shaping the careers of students who have gone on to make significant contributions to esteemed organizations like Tata Motors, Mahindra, Honda, Kirloskar Group, HCL, Whirlpool, Wipro, Godrej, ICICI Bank, Uvimac Solutions, Birla Group, Bajaj, Maruti (LSI), and many more.

The essence of our institution, showcasing a blend of personal, regional, and educational backgrounds. This diversity enriches the learning environment and fosters a holistic growth experience for our students.

At our institute, we firmly believe that leadership is not merely a position but a way of life. The exceptionally rich resources available, both in terms of faculty expertise and infrastructure, empower our students to develop leadership qualities that extend beyond the confines of the classroom.

As alumni of our institution, they carry forward our ethos and values, making a positive impact in their respective fields and communities. Their success stories stand as a testament to the quality education and holistic development fostered at the A.N.G. Ideal Group Campus.


A large number of A.N.G. Ideal Group alumni have distinguished then self in almost every aspect of Engineering, Pharmacy, Nursing, Law, I.T. & Management they are occupying responsible post in organization.

Our alumni network offers a wealth of knowledge, business, experiences and networking opportunities. The bonds and relationships built in two or three years here are not only limited to the time spent in the institute but long after that as well.